Sachin saw ‘best innings of his life’ with Maxwell’s bat

Sachin saw ‘best innings of his life’ with Maxwell’s bat
Sachin saw ‘best innings of his life’ with Maxwell’s bat

Australia were in a fragile state when Glenn Maxwell came in to bat. He had to fall in front of the hat-trick ball after going to the wicket. Maxwell looked different after handling that blow. The next three hours in Mumbai were dominated by Maxi. He put up an incredible fight with the bat and also gifted a double century.

A double century in cricket may be common to many. But, what Maxwell did is like throwing it away. He pulled Australia from the rubble and showed a batting exhibition. He fought the tail batters and took the team to victory.

Australia won by 3 wickets thanks to Maxwell’s tenacity against the Afghans. Maxwell gave an unbeaten innings of 201 runs off 128 balls with 10 sixes and 21 fours.

After many innings, Maxwell is once again showered with praise on social media. Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was not left out of this. He said that this is the best innings he has seen in his life.

On social media X (formerly Twitter), Sachin wrote in praise of Maxwell, ‘Ibrahim Zadran played well against Australia. Because of his bat, Afghanistan managed to score a big run. Although the Afghans played well in the 70 overs of the match, Glenn Maxwell’s last 25 overs gave them no chance to win. Max Performance at Max (Maximum) Pressure. This is the best ODI innings I have seen in my life.’

Like Sachin, this innings of Maxi can be the best innings in the eyes of many. Because, in the 22 yards of cricket, such a batting exhibition is not seen every day.

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