Saqib, who wrote your screenplay

Saqib, who wrote your screenplay
Saqib, who wrote your screenplay

What could have been more ideal as Shakib’s last match! Why are you talking about this? Shakib means that black is next to white, Shakib means that this hero is the ultimate hero – the Shakib of this match is exactly that. Angelo added a new chapter in the 146-year history of international cricket by timing out Mathews. Whether it is against the spirit of cricket or not, this argument is not over now. It will continue and continue for many more days. The man of the match won the team again in that match. Shakib Al Hasan is like that.

The history of 146 years may have been known for the first time at the press conference. After hearing that, Shakib smiled softly and said, ‘Creating history’. Indeed it is. As long as the game of cricket lasts, this incident will come back again and again. With Shakib Al Hasan.

It is with great influence. Cricket will change a little bit. Batsmen will be more aware of that two-minute rule. The captain of the fielding team will also have these two minutes not noticed all the time. With the timed out, the dry spell ends, and there may be more outs in the coming days. Only then will Shakib Al Hasan return. And if never, then you will remain one and unique.

Let the debate continue about the right and wrong of Shakib Al Hasan on the field. But there is no room for arguments about Shakib in the press conference. He did not get a century in batting even though he raised the possibility. Not only the century in the press conference, Glenn Maxwell seems to have made the first ‘double century’ of this World Cup. He made a decision himself. No matter what you say, good or bad, it takes courage to take it. It takes more courage to say that in a press conference.

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