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Two Bengal football matches in Dhaka


Earlier four foreigners could play in AFC Cup, now six. For this reason, the Mohun Bagan coach does not want to match the current situation with the previous situation. Instead, he showed respect to Bashundhara. Said, ‘Bashundhara foreigners are quite good, standard.’
Kings have not lost in any domestic or international competition at this ground. And this is the big strength of Kings in this match. Referring to that, the Mohun Bagan coach said, ‘We are playing for the first time at Kings’ ground. It will be hard to win. Of course our goal is to win.’
Two Bengal matches. Kings will get support from the audience. Reminding that, Mohun Bagan captain Subhashis Bose said, ‘We are used to such matches. What is the East Bengal-Mohun Bagan match? I know the opposition will get support in away matches. But we are positive. Will definitely try my best.’

Both Bengals have a lot in common. Remembering that, the Bengali captain of Mohun Bagan said, ’90 minutes match. Two Bengal matches. This is our away match. We are positive.’ In this gap, the inevitable question is also. In response to the question whether he ate hilsa fish or not, he said, ‘I ate hilsa.’ The Mohun Bagan captain said with a small smile.

Mohun Bagan last played in Dhaka in AFC Cup in June 2017. They drew 1-1 with Abahani in Sebar Dhaka. What now? The answer will be given tomorrow at the end of the match.

The article is in Bengali

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