‘India is changing the decision of ‘DRS’ due to influence’

‘India is changing the decision of ‘DRS’ due to influence’
‘India is changing the decision of ‘DRS’ due to influence’

What Babar-Shahins cannot do, Hasan Raja is doing regularly at this age. This former test player of Pakistan is giving entertainment to all the cricket lovers, not only the countrymen, but also the world.

After watching Sri Lanka’s 55 against India, he claimed on a TV show that Mohammad Shami, Mohammad Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah should get extra swing at the beginning of the innings, for which the Indians are being given special balls. After watching South Africa’s helpless capitulation against India yesterday, this former cricketer appeared again with ‘conspiracy theory’. Now said, India is cheating on ‘Decision Review System (DRS)’!

Ravindra Jadeja took the wicket about which the out is debated. The umpire initially refused to allow South Africa’s Heinrich Klaasen to be trapped lbw. After taking a review, the umpire was forced to change the decision. Hasan Raja’s question about that out, ‘When a left-arm spinner throws the ball along the leg stump, how does it turn towards the middle stump? It was ‘impact in line’, the ball was heading towards the leg stump. I request to re-verify it.’

But not only now, India has changed the decision of DRS by influencing it for their own benefit, Hasan Raja thinks, ‘DRS is being cheated. But this is not the first time. This was also the case in the 2011 World Cup semi-finals. Our Saeed Ajmal delivery to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar is given lbw. But Tendulkar later took the review. The review shows that the ball is along the middle stump but misses the leg stump by two feet!’

Former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram was annoyed by Hasan Raja’s words. Akram said to check whether Hasan was talking drunkenly after hearing ‘New Ball Theory’, “I have been reading about it for a few days. I want to eat what is being said. Their heads are not right. They are humiliating themselves and making us in front of the whole world.’

What Wasim Akram says about Hasan’s ‘DRS theory’, let’s see!

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