UEFA will award the Ballon d’Or from next year

UEFA will award the Ballon d’Or from next year
UEFA will award the Ballon d’Or from next year

The Ballon d’Or is the most prestigious award for individual excellence in football. France Football magazine has been giving this award since 1956. The Amaury Group, which owns France football and media Lequip, has signed a new agreement with UEFA, the highest body of European football. According to this agreement, UEFA and the Amaury Group will jointly award the Ballon d’Or from next year.

Although UEFA will join the Ballon d’Or awards, ownership of the Ballon d’Or and global voting will be overseen by Paris-based Amaury Group. UEFA will be tasked with overseeing marketing commercial rights. They will also assist in organizing the award gala ceremony. Apart from this, two additional awards are also going to be added to it from next year; Where the best female and male coach of the year awards will also be given.

Commenting on this new journey, Jean-Étienne Amaury, Head of the Amaury Group, said, ‘We are delighted to have formed this partnership to host the Ballon d’Or. France Football introduced the award in 1956. The European Champions Club’s Cup also started in the same year. So the history of UEFA and Ballon d’Or is similar. Within 15 years, this event became global with the help of the global press.’

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