SUBHMAN GILL | Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar avoid photographer in Jio World Plaza event dgtl


A rising star of Indian cricket is Shubman Gill. Another is legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara. From the cricket field to the entertainment world, Sara-Shubman is in love. On this year’s Valentine’s Day, the cricket star posted a suggestive picture on his social media page. The two have been seen in the same place at different times. This time, Sara-Shubman was seen at the Ambanis’ Jio World Plaza launch event. As soon as he saw the photo hunters there, Shubman did such an act, Sara was a little surprised!

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The opening ceremony of Ambanis’ Jio World Plaza on Tuesday was like a Chander Haat. All the stars of the entertainment world came at the invitation of the Ambanis. On this day, after the ceremony, Sara was leaving the ceremony hall with Shubman. Sachin-Kanya wore a red bodycon dress, Shubman was seen in a black suit. Both of them were going out while talking. But as soon as he saw the camera, Shubman started looking for cover. He turned his face and started walking in the opposite direction. Not seeing Shubman next to him, Sachin-Kanya also became a little excited.

No matter how much Shubman hides from the camera, they are slowly getting caught. It can be said that the news of their love rumor is increasing day by day.

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