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ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Scenario of 9 teams to reach semi finals of ODI World Cup 2023 dgtl

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Scenario of 9 teams to reach semi finals of ODI World Cup 2023 dgtl
ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Scenario of 9 teams to reach semi finals of ODI World Cup 2023 dgtl

Bangladesh is the first team to withdraw from the World Cup. The remaining nine teams are still in the competition. Each of them has a chance to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. more than anyone less than anyone Each has a specific number in front of it. If they match that number, they can make it to the last four of the competition.

This calculation is done before the World Cup match between New Zealand and South Africa on November 1. There are still 14 games left in the round robin phase. As such, the situation of nine teams has been examined.

India (12 points in 6 games): The first contenders to go to the semi-finals. If you win one more match, the last four are ready. Because the teams outside the first four can go up to 12 points. And even if India lose the remaining three matches, they will still qualify for the semi-finals. In that case, Afghanistan will have to lose a match. And if Afghanistan also win all their matches then the net run rate figure will come.

Remaining matches – Sri Lanka, South Africa and Netherlands.

South Africa (10 points in 6 games): The last four are guaranteed if they win two out of three matches. If they win one match then South Africa can go to the semi-finals. Afghanistan has to lose in that case too.

Remaining matches – New Zealand, Pakistan and India.

New Zealand (8 points from 6 matches): Kiwis are under a bit of pressure after losing two matches in a row. They have to win all three of the remaining three matches. If so, the semi-finals are guaranteed. If they lose a match they can still go to the last four. In that case they have to rely on teams outside the top four. Especially towards the fruits of Afghanistan.

Remaining matches – South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Australia (8 points from 6 matches): Australia’s situation is similar to New Zealand’s. They need to win all three of their last three matches to secure a semi-final spot. After that they can go. Because Australia has a match against Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the only one outside the top four with a chance to finish with 12 points. So if they beat Afghanistan, Australia can go to the last four with 12 points.

Remaining matches – England, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Pakistan (6 points from 7 games): Pakistan can finish with maximum 10 points. Pakistan has a match against New Zealand. New Zealand will also play against South Africa and Sri Lanka. If they lose those three matches, New Zealand’s points will be 8. Afghanistan have games against Netherlands, Australia and South Africa. If Rashid Khan loses against Australia and South Africa, Afghanistan will have 8 points. Sri Lanka have games against India, Bangladesh and New Zealand. If they lose one of those games, Sri Lanka will not be able to go beyond the maximum of 8 points. In that case, Pakistan will go to the semi-finals of the World Cup as the fourth team after India, South Africa and Australia.

Remaining matches – New Zealand and England.

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Afghanistan (6 points from 6 matches): Among the teams outside the top four, Afghanistan have the best chance of making it to the semi-finals. If they win three of the remaining three matches, they will be able to secure a place in the last four. Because, one of those matches is against Australia. If Australia lose to Afghanistan, they will also have a maximum of 12 points. In that case, the figure of net runrate will come. Therefore, Afghanistan should not only win, but should win by a large margin. And if Australia wastes more points, Afghanistan will be in the last four after winning their three matches.

Remaining matches – Netherlands, Australia and South Africa.

Sri Lanka (4 points in 6 games): Sri Lanka will have maximum 10 points if they win their remaining three matches. That will be their first goal. After that they have to look at the rest of the team. Sri Lanka will have a chance for the last four only if New Zealand and Australia lose at least two matches each.

Remaining matches – India, Bangladesh and New Zealand.

Graphic: Shouvik Debnath.

Netherlands (4 points from 6 matches): The situation in the Netherlands is similar to Sri Lanka. First, after winning their three matches, they have to wait for New Zealand and Australia. If these two teams lose two matches, they will also get 10 points. Only then will the Netherlands have a chance.

Remaining matches – Afghanistan, England and India.

England (2 points in 6 matches): Despite surviving in the books, world champion England has almost no chance of going to the semi-finals. Because, they not only have to win the remaining three matches, England’s dreams of the last four will end if a team wins a match between New Zealand and Australia.

Remaining matches – Australia, Netherlands and Pakistan.

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