ICC ODI World Cup 2023 | Will Hardik Pandya replace Mohammed Shami once he returns to Indian team in ODI World Cup 2023 dgtl


When will Hardik Pandya return to the Indian team in the World Cup? The news is that the Indian all-rounder will not be available before the semi-finals. India is almost ready to reach the semi-finals. If Hardik returns to the semi-finals, then who will sit out? Will Mohammed Shami get angry again?

Two cricketers got a chance in the Indian team after Hardik was ruled out with an injury. Suryakumar Yadav and Shami. That is, one batsman and one bowler were substituted for one all-rounder. Shardul Thakur, another all-rounder of the team, was left out. Surya scored a run in one of the two matches. But Shami is in devastating form. So it will not be easy to eliminate him.

Shami took 5 wickets against New Zealand. He took 4 wickets against England in the next match. That is, 9 wickets in two matches. Mohammad Siraj has not been in good form in India’s pace attack. giving runs Can’t take wickets in power play. As a result, Shami is handling the pace attack with Yashpreet Bumrah. Covering Siraj’s lack of form. If Shami is in the form he is in, the Rohites will shoot themselves in the foot. In the current situation, they may not make this mistake. That is, even if Shami enters instead of Hardik, Hardik will not be taken by excluding Shami. In that case, one of the batters can be left out.

Hardik’s entry into the team means an extra batsman and bowler. India now field five specialist bowlers. That is, if Hardik comes in, Rohit will get an additional bowler option. He will also get one additional batter. In that case one may have to sit in Shreyas Iyer or Surya.

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According to Madan Lal, a member of India’s first World Cup winning team, Shreyas, not Surya, should sit if Hardik returns. He said, “The importance of all-rounders in the team is very high. The balance of the party comes. Hardik is therefore needed in the Indian team. I think Shreyas has to sit when Hardik comes. Because, among the batters, he looks shaky. Hardik and Surya can do the job of finisher. So I think Shreyas will have to sit if Hardik comes.”

However, Madan feels that Shami should not be excluded in any way. In his words, “Shami is now the best bowler in the world. The way he bowls scares the opponent. Shami needs to be in this form for India to win the World Cup. So there is no question of placing him.”

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