Hard-right Moloney on course for historic victory

Hard-right Moloney on course for historic victory
Hard-right Moloney on course for historic victory

Hard-right Georgia Moloney on course for historic victory at Italian polls. Citizens of the country voted on Sunday to strongly advance the right-wing politics of Italy during the crisis in Europe. That follows the West’s determination to unite against Russia’s skyrocketing energy aggression during the Ukraine war.

Voting began at 7 am local time in the country on Sunday and will end by noon. Which was the same or slightly lower than the same period in Italy’s last general election in 2018. Paper ballot counting is expected to begin shortly after polling closes at 11pm local time.

Partial results may be released on Monday morning.

The country has banned public opinion polls and publications in the two weeks before elections. But earlier polls showed neo-fascist far-right leader Giorgia Meloni and her Brothers of Italy party as the most popular. Italians were poised to vote a right-wing government to power for the first time since World War II. Behind him was former Prime Minister Enrico Letta of the center-left Democratic Party.

“Today you can help make history,” Meloni said in a tweet on Sunday morning.

He posted a picture of himself with the ballot box. And wrote ‘Good, vote’

Meloni is in a right-wing coalition with anti-immigrant League leaders Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi was a three-time prime minister of Italy and head of the Forza Italia party three decades ago. Italy’s complex electoral laws disadvantage Democrats. Because they failed to secure a grand coalition with the populist Left and Center Left Democrats alike.

If Meloni becomes prime minister, she will be Italy’s first woman to hold the position. But it may take weeks to form a viable ruling coalition.

There were about five crore one lakh voters. Pollsters, however, predict turnout in the 2018 general election could be lower than the record-setting low of 73 percent. They say that, despite Europe’s many crises, many voters feel disconnected from politics. Since Italy has had three coalition governments, in the last election each coalition was led by someone who did not run for prime minister.

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