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34 migrants died in Syrian waters, 14 were rescued

34 migrants died in Syrian waters, 14 were rescued
34 migrants died in Syrian waters, 14 were rescued

Lebanese Transport Minister Ali Hami said that Syrian Transport Minister Zuhair Khuzhaim told him that 33 dead bodies and 16 people were rescued from the sea.

As Lebanon is in a deep economic crisis, many people have started to leave the country in the hope of financial and social security. Along with local Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians living in the country are also among the migrants.

Many people gathered in a protest rally in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on Thursday morning to warn the authorities; They said they had lost contact with a boatload of migrants leaving for Italy.

It was not immediately clear if the boat was the same one mentioned by Syrian authorities, Reuters reported.

The director of the port of Arwad, a small island off the coast of Tartus, told them around 4:30pm local time that the body of a drowned man had been found near a ship at anchor, the Syrian Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

The ministry then sent a boat to retrieve the body. There they also found the dead body of a child, then other dead bodies came to their attention.

Most of the dead and alive were found near Arwad Island, the ministry said.

Rescue operations were called off on Thursday night due to rough seas amid bad weather.

The Lebanese army said on Wednesday it had rescued 55 people from a boat that had broken down in its territorial waters and was being towed to shore.

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