Good news for Nokia fans

Everyone has heard of Nokia as a smartphone brand. HMD Global is a company that manufactures the well-known Nokia smartphones. Nokia smartphones are starting to become popular again in the market like before.

A survey conducted in 22 markets worldwide found that one of the top 5 most popular brands is Nokia smartphones. This smartphone manufacturing company had a special strategy to unveil the best smartphone at the lowest possible price. Needless to say, this strategy has worked well and people are flocking to Nokia again.

The best quality of Nokia is its durability and battery life is very good. Nokia is offering a lot of good for the medium budget customers.

In the middle of 2022, after the demand for Nokia smartphones increased in the market, the number of handset shipments also increased. Three million Nokia smartphones were sold in the first few months of 2022, which is 126 percent more than the previous year.

If you look at the number of Nokia brand handsets marketed it is quite overwhelming. HMD Global Company expects to sell 42 percent more smartphones in the market today than before.

The manufacturer company’s current target is to successfully sell 12.24 million smartphone units by 2022.

Tech lovers are expecting Nokia to be the best smartphone in mid budget. Because there are many buyers who prefer smartphones that are more durable and have better battery life than high-end specification mobiles. Nokia will probably be the best option for them.

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