Theft from luggage at the airport, what is happening in Bangladesh – or the other side?

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  • BBC Bangla, Dhaka

22 September 2022

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Members of the football team are going from the airport to Buffe Bhawan.

At the center of the news in Bangladesh yesterday were the various colorful arrangements to welcome the Saaf women’s football champion team after their return home. But then came some very uncomfortable news.

Allegations were made that a large amount of dollars, clothes and some other items were stolen from the luggage of football players Krishna Rani Sarkar and Shamsunnahar at the airport in Dhaka. After returning to Dhaka from Nepal on Wednesday, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport came to know about this incident.

Krishna Rani Sarkar told BBC Bengal that she lost $900 and Shamsunnahar $400.

“After landing at the airport, we couldn’t take the luggage ourselves. We got on the bus. There were two purses in the pocket inside the bag. After going to our room in the federation, we found the pocket chain open. The purse is inside the bag but outside the pocket and there is no money in either of them. What more can I say. said.”, said Krishna Rani Sarkar.

He says that it is difficult for him to say exactly where the money was stolen.

Krishna was planning to go home on leave after returning to Dhaka. And it was the responsibility of the federation staff to collect the luggage of the footballers and deliver it.

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After being welcomed in a colorful event came some very uncomfortable news.

Airport Authority Statement

Investigating the incident, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Authority said in a statement that the CCTV footage has been monitored from the beginning to the end of the flight landing, arrival of the trolley carrying luggage at the baggage area, luggage drop.

The statement added that BAFUF’s representative left the airport after receiving all the luggage from Biman Bangladesh Airlines authorities “undamaged and locked”.

But complaints of theft of valuables from luggage at the airport in Dhaka are frequent, especially from passengers arriving from the Middle East. It is regularly written about and pictures are shared on various pages of expatriates through social media.

Children’s Chocolate Story

Many people may not pay much attention to hearing that only a few chocolates have been lost.

But for Maruf Barkat, the incident was quite upsetting. After returning to Dhaka from Brussels, Belgium, he went home from the airport and realized that his luggage had been cut.

Narrating the incident, he said, “It took me 19 hours to reach Dhaka with a stopover from Brussels. Then 45 minutes to get the luggage again. It felt light while picking up the luggage. At first I didn’t understand. When I got home, I saw that there was a pocket on the outside of the bag, the chain was opened. The inside was cut with something sharp. The chain was reattached after the theft.”

Line of passengers at the airport

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Complaints of valuables being stolen from luggage at airports are common

“Belgian chocolate is very famous worldwide. So I brought many chocolates for the children. After such a long flight, I came home empty-handed. I couldn’t give them anything. This is a big loss for me.” blessing

Wife’s jewelry, expensive watch and handbag were lost

Mohammad Soliman Rabin, a resident of Noakhali, works in South Africa. He came to visit the country after a year in November last year. He returned home from the airport in Dhaka disappointed that day.

Describing the incident, Soliman Robin told BBC Bangla, “I had three pieces of luggage. One of them I suddenly noticed that the plastic wrap was torn and the lock was broken. I opened it and found jewelry for my wife, an expensive watch and an expensive Gucci handbag. No. They took some of my clothes too.”

Soliman Rabin said he went to the complaint center at Shahjalal Airport to complain about it. But his complaint was not taken.

“I was told that this happened at the airport in South Africa or Dubai – where I had a stopover – not after landing in Dhaka. I should contact there. I was very disappointed that day. I lost so much money, then I will complain again. No. How about that?” He said regretfully.


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There are frequent complaints of luggage theft from expats.

What is happening on the other side, not in Bangladesh?

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport’s Executive Director Group Captain Md. Kamrul Islam told BBC that 100% of cases of theft of valuables from luggage occur not in Dhaka but during boarding from abroad.

He says that complaints are mostly from passengers coming from Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

According to him, “Cutting complaints are mainly related to cartons. Honorable passengers from Saudi Arabia often bring Zamzam water. It is forbidden to carry water in hold baggage. The cartons are cut on that side and the water is taken out. Hundreds of such pictures are sent to us during Hajj from that side. .

“If there is something that cannot be brought in the luggage, the airport authorities in European countries will give a slip inside if the luggage is opened. However, some airports in the Middle East do not do that.”

He is claiming that CCTV footage is seen at every place of the airport in Dhaka, starting from the unloading of the luggage to the lifting of the belt, in all cases of official complaints.

The CCTV footage of the countries from which the aircraft took off is scrutinized. All personnel are checked before entering and exiting the country’s airports.

So there is no theft happening in Bangladesh?

In response to such questions, he says, “I am not saying based on anything that this is just my claim. I am saying based on facts. Hundred percent of the incidents happen at the origin.”

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