Ukraine-Russia War: Occupied Territories Will Be Part of Russia, Nuclear Weapons Can Be Used for Defense – Dmitry Medvedev Says

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Dmitry Medvedev has clearly indicated the possible use of nuclear weapons

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia, gave a clear indication that Russia may use nuclear weapons to defend the areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia.

Mr. “There will be referendums in the Donbass republics and other areas, and they will be included in Russia. The Russian armed forces will greatly strengthen the protection of these territories,” Medvedev said in a telegram message.

He said in this message, Russia has announced that not only reservist troops, but any type of weapon, including ‘strategic nuclear weapons’ and new technology weapons, can be used for such protection.

Mr. Medvedev advises NATO’s “retired idiots” – not to scare Russia by talking about NATO’s invasion of Crimea.

Earlier on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin’s speech also hinted at the use of nuclear weapons, analysts say.

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Vladimir Putin announces mobilization of reserve troops.

Mr. In that speech, Putin announced the mobilization of reservist troops to protect the people of Russian-held areas of Ukraine – areas that are set to hold referendums soon to become part of Russia.

Mr. Putin said that the Western world wants to destroy his country and that his country will use “all possible means” to protect its geographical integrity. He also said that this is not an “empty bully”.

Is the use of nuclear weapons ‘absurd?’

BBC analyst Gordon Correa says the use of nuclear weapons is still a long way off.

He says that according to Russian military policy, nuclear weapons will be used only when the Russian state is threatened. Mr. Putin spoke of ‘responding to Western threats’ in issuing his warning.

A Russian nuclear missile is on display at a military parade in Moscow

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A Russian nuclear missile is on display at a military parade in Moscow

And he said the word “empty bully” in the context of a situation where Russia’s geographical borders are under threat.

According to Gordon Korera, Mr. Putin thinks – that is an important question.

Russian army mobilization has begun

President Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of reservists, saying it would ensure Russia’s territorial integrity and protect the people of Russian-occupied Ukraine.

He has signed a decree in this regard and the process has already started.

Police detain a man at a protest rally in Moscow

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Police detain a man at a protest rally in Moscow

According to the Russian plan, 300,000 Russians with prior military experience and training will be drafted into the army. There are about two and a half million such qualified people in Russia and a part of them will be taken as reservists.

Documents are being issued to those who are of suitable age to serve in the army.

However, many cities in Russia are protesting against this mobilization.

According to Russian and Western media reports, hundreds of people joined these protests in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, and several other cities in the Siberian region.

The police arrested many people from these gatherings which were not authorized by the authorities. According to the news, more than 1300 people have been detained from a total of 38 cities in Russia.

Police action at a protest rally in St. Petersburg

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Police chase protesters with batons at a protest rally in St. Petersburg

A Kremlin spokesman did not deny reports that many of these protesters had been given documents to join the army.

Many Russians are leaving the country to avoid military service

Immediately after President Putin’s speech, many Russians are leaving the country to avoid military service.

Many queued for five kilometers at the border to cross into Russia’s neighboring Georgia. Georgia is one of the few countries where Russians can visit without a visa.

Many others are trying to leave for Finland, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. In addition, Reuters reports that flights to Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Serbia are all sold out.

However, Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov says these reports are exaggerated.

Russia-Ukraine prisoner exchange completed

The biggest prisoner swap since the start of the Ukraine war was completed today – with Turkish President Erdogan and Saudi Arabia behind it. .

Many Russians have gathered at the border of Russia and Georgia

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Many Russians have gathered at the Russia-Georgia border to leave the country

Under this, the Russians released more than 200 Ukrainian prisoners, and in return the Ukrainians released 55 Russians, and a pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk.

This Mr. Medvedchuk. A close aide of Putin and accused of treason.

Among the Ukrainians who were freed were more than a hundred fighters from the Azov Regiment – which had long resisted Russian forces in the besieged steel factory in the city of Mariupol.

President Zelensky has already spoken to five of their commanders via video link. According to the terms of the agreement, the Azov commanders will now be based in Turkey.

Apart from this, 10 foreign fighters have also been released and are returning to their respective countries via Saudi Arabia.

Among them are five British nationals who have already returned to the UK. The rest are citizens of Morocco, Sweden, Croatia and the United States.

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