Excitement at the airport surrounding the bus of champions

Excitement at the airport surrounding the bus of champions
Excitement at the airport surrounding the bus of champions

An open-top bus arrived at the capital’s Shahjalal International Airport to welcome the women’s team who won Saaf Football. From the moment they enter the airport, visitors burst in and out of excitement. During this time, slogans of ‘Joy Bangla’, ‘Bangladesh Bangladesh’ can be seen.

As the day wore on today, fans began to gather around the airport. Some are holding national flags, some are holding flowers, some are waiting with banners to welcome Sabina-Sanjidad.

Outside the airport, an open-top champion bus and a throng of football-mad Bengalis are waiting for Sanjidad. After the formalities at the airport, Sanjidara will start the champion journey in an open-top champion bus. Bangladesh’s midfield star Sanjida regretfully said before fulfilling the country’s dream to be greeted by countless people on both sides of the capital’s road, ‘It is okay not to stand with the trophy in the open-top champion bus, leaving aside society’s tips to win it for the people who have helped us touch the green grass. want.’

The Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight carrying the winning team landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport today at 1:45 PM. Bangladesh Biman flight BG 372 carrying Sanjidad took off from Kathmandu at 12:15 PM.

Zahid Ahsan Russell, State Minister for Youth and Sports of the Government of Bangladesh welcomed the gold girls with sweets and flowers at the airport. Officials of the ministry and Bangladesh Football Federation (BAFFE) are with him. Then there is the short press conference.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BSB) has announced a prize of 50 lakh taka for the girls who became clear champions before reaching the country.

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