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Bandhan as a ‘drug dealer’ in the web series

Bandhan as a ‘drug dealer’ in the web series
Bandhan as a ‘drug dealer’ in the web series

Ajmeri Haque Bandhan, one of the most popular actresses of today, is acting in a desi web series for the first time. The web series is called “Guti”. Shankh Dasgupta is producing this series for Charki. Bandhan will be seen in the role of a drug dealer.

The last minute preparations are now underway before the start of the shoot. Bandhan’s character look has already been revealed in this web series. Which was instantly appreciated by the netizens.

About this new web series, Bandhan told online media Bangla Tribune, “The work is going to be very challenging for me. How challenging it is, viewers will understand. I am actually very happy and grateful that the country’s projects are also working on female leads.”

Talking about the story of “Guti”, the actress said, “The story has been arranged very well by Shankh. He is a very brilliant creator. He wants to portray a completely different plot, different characters, a different kind of story. Here I acted as a drug dealer named Sultana. I have been talking to Sankhar about the character for a long time. I have been carrying this character for a long time.”

He also said, “Even at the very beginning, I made the entire costume for the look test I had. I have had extensive discussions with the director about what veil to wear, what color clothes to wear, which one will look exactly like that character.”

Director Shankh Dasgupta said, “I am very much looking forward to the work. So far we have 7 drafts of the script. Now the reading is being rehearsed daily with the casting.”

He said that shooting will be done in different locations of Dhaka including Chittagong, Comilla.

The article is in Bengali

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