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Mahsha Amini’s death in Iran protest by burning hijab

Mahsha Amini’s death in Iran protest by burning hijab
Mahsha Amini’s death in Iran protest by burning hijab

After the death of Mahsha Amini in Iran due to violation of hijab law, mass protests started in the country. The women participating in the protest are expressing their anger by burning their hijabs. BBC reported this information in a report.

According to the report, protests are going on in the country for the last five days. The movement is spreading in many towns and cities. Hundreds of women set fire to their hijabs as part of a protest in Sari, a city north of Tehran.

Masha Amini was arrested in Iran’s capital Tehran last week for violating the hijab law by Iran’s morality police. He died last Friday (September 16) after three days in a coma in custody. Since then, there have been massive anti-hijab protests in Iran.

Nada Al-Nashif, acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said Mahsha Amini was hit on the head with a baton by the police after being detained. However, the police denied all the allegations of torture against him. They claim that Mahsha Amini died of a heart attack. But Amini’s family said he was perfectly healthy and strong.

Twenty-two-year-old Mahsha Amini came from Kurdistan in western Iran. Hengao, a Norway-based organization that monitors the human rights situation in Kurdistan, said that at least 38 people were injured by riot police shooting, rubber bullets and tear gas during protests in Kurdistan on Saturday (September 17) and Sunday (September 18). Three male protesters were shot dead by police, the agency said. Protests are still going on there.

Women in Tehran take off their hijabs and shout ‘Death to the dictator’. There are more slogans, ‘We want justice, we want freedom, wearing hijab will not be compulsory.’

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