Dengue can be deadly

Dengue can be deadly
Dengue can be deadly

The highest number of dengue patients in a single day this year, 438, were admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. And the number of infected is increasing every day. 24 people died of dengue on the 19th day of this month. Which is more than two times compared to the previous full month.

According to the Department of Health, 12 thousand seven dengue patients have been admitted to different hospitals in the country since January this year. And now there are 1 thousand 560 dengue patients admitted in hospitals across the country.

45 people have died of dengue since January. Among them, two in June, 9 in July, 11 in August and 24 on 19 days in September. An average of more than one person is dying every day this month.

Health experts say the situation could worsen as the number of dengue cases continues to rise every day. The number of deaths may increase. On Tuesday, 438 people were admitted in 24 hours, but in the previous 24 hours, there were 392 people.

Data analysis

Since January this year, dengue patients have been found sparingly. However, the number of patients started increasing from May. Since then the number of infected has been increasing by leaps and bounds. 163 people were admitted to the hospital in May, 737 in June, 1 thousand 571 in July, 3 thousand 521 in August.

An average of more than 300 patients are being admitted to the hospital every day in September. The number of admissions is increasing every day. If this continues, it is feared that the number of dengue patients admitted to the hospital may exceed 10,000 in this one month.

Among the government hospitals in Dhaka, Dhaka Medical, Mitford Hospital, Mugda Hospital, Kuwait Bangladesh Maitri Hospital, Soharawardy Hospital and Shishu Hospital are now experiencing high pressure of dengue patients. More people are getting infected with dengue in Dhaka.

A total of 9 thousand 383 people have been admitted to different hospitals in Dhaka since January and 2 thousand 231 people have been admitted to different hospitals outside Dhaka.

Dengue will increase

Medicine expert professor Dr. M. Abdullah said, “It is dengue season. Last year also at this time was infected with dengue. Aedes mosquitoes are also more due to intermittent rain. Infected are also increasing. However, the incidence rate is higher among children.

He said, ‘Dengue attacks every year due to lack of awareness. Children should wear clothes covering their arms and legs during this time. Mosquito nets should be drawn if they sleep during the day. The Aedes mosquito responsible for dengue bites during the day. Most of the children are in school then. No action is taken from the school either. Now there is also Corona. Therefore, if the corona test is done, the dengue test should also be done. A patient with dengue can be identified quickly if the test is done quickly instead of waiting for fever. As a result, the risk is reduced. And if you have a fever, you should consult a doctor without self-treatment. There is no crisis in our dengue treatment. However, due to the weather and lack of awareness, we fear that the number of dengue patients will increase.’

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Aedes mosquito density has quadrupled this time since the pre-season mosquito density survey conducted by the health department in February. Recently, the seasonal survey of Aedes mosquitoes has been completed in the two city corporation areas of Dhaka under the National Malaria Eradication and Aedes-Borne Disease Control Program of the Department of Health’s Disease Control Branch. About 77 in Dhaka. 9 percent of Culex mosquitoes, the remaining 22. 1 percent of Aedes mosquitoes were found. Earlier in the pre-season survey, more than 95 percent of Culex mosquitoes and five percent of Aedes mosquitoes were found in Dhaka. Compared to that, dengue-carrying Aedes mosquitoes have increased more than four times in Dhaka.

It is said that samples were taken from 3,150 houses in the Health Department survey conducted in 48 sites and 40 wards of North City Corporation (DNCC) and 62 sites and 58 wards of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC).

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13 wards of DNCC and 19 of DSCC are high risk and the total number of wards in two cities is 59. There are 26 vulnerable wards in Dhaka North City and 33 in South.

Jagannath University Department of Zoology Professor and Entomologist Professor Dr. Abdul Alim said, ‘The Aedes mosquito responsible for dengue has increased due to the rain and intermittent rain in the last one month. Larvae are washed away by heavy rains. But intermittent rains accumulate clear water which is conducive to the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. It will increase further in the future. At least for another month the situation will worsen.’

He said, ‘However the citizens and the city corporation and the administration are not aware of this. We talk when dengue starts. But we are not taking effective measures to prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. Everyone knows that Aedes mosquitoes breed in clear and stagnant water. But there is no preparation in advance.’

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