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I didn’t do any work for ‘Beauty Circus’ for a year and a half entertainment

I didn’t do any work for ‘Beauty Circus’ for a year and a half entertainment
I didn’t do any work for ‘Beauty Circus’ for a year and a half entertainment

Dhallywood’s handsome hunk ABM Suman. Coming on September 23 in ‘Beauty Circus’ in a different image. Masid Ran talked to him about this picture, Photo: Sheikh Sadi

Beauty Circus…

I consider ‘Beauty Circus’ as one of the films of my career. I was new to films when I got this offer. I started working in 2017. To the producer Mahmud Didar for being a part of such a film

Gratitude I was very dedicated to it from the beginning. Because the character of this film is totally opposite from my real character. The ‘Ranglal’ boy in this film is a loving man. But Baule, the protestant and bohemian type. With his background, ABM Suman’s urban demeanor cannot have any impression. The look is also different. Big hair, big mustache and colorful clothes. I didn’t do anything else for a year and a half to maintain this look. I hope that hard work will leave a mark on the mind of the audience.


The story of the film is amazing. The notion that a government-sponsored film must be a film of any kind has changed several films in the past. I believe that ‘Beauty Circus’ is also a good film. We have done it in big events, with star casts. Many talented artists including Jaya Ahsan, Ferdous Ahmed have worked in it. Above all, I believe that the producer Didar’s Munshiana has made the film stand out. So I had high expectations for it from the start. Now with the trailer and songs of the film, the audience’s response has increased the expectations.

Unlike Jaya Ahsan…

Like me, Jaya Ahsan is an artist who has not done theatre. But the place he created is incomparable. So I learned a lot from him. He is such a big star and I am almost a new actor, never once realizing that. Helped me constantly. Not only as a co-star but also learned from him what a star should be like.

Two pictures in one day…

Now our cinema audience has started returning. Now the most important thing is to constantly release good films. From that point of view, ‘Operation Sundarban’ is being released with our film, I see it positively. Now the important thing is that whoever the picture is, the audience should be facing the hall first. I also believe that those who watch the movie will watch it if it is good. Maybe they watch the film of the star they like more first, but then watch the other film. But it is also true that if a film releases on the same day, the audience is definitely divided. But in the current state of our industry, there is no room for these thoughts.

The article is in Bengali

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