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Pakistan Cricket | Babar Azam shuts former Pakistan cricketer Aaqib Javed for criticism dgtl

Former Pakistan cricketer Aqib Javed criticized Babar Azam after announcing Pakistan’s squad for the T20 World Cup. He questioned Babar’s strike rate. In response to that criticism, the Pakistan captain countered this time. He advised Akib to stop personal attacks. He also said that they do not listen to what is said outside the party.

In a press conference before the start of the T20 series against England, Babar was questioned about his strike rate. Referring to Akib in response, he said, “Maybe he thinks like this. Everyone has their own point of view. But it should be for the good of Pakistan. We don’t listen to him. We do not discuss outside matters within the group. Every cricketer has bad times in his career. No one should attack a person.”

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What exactly did Akib say?

“I always rely on these two (read Babar-Rizwan) as openers,” Akib told the media after announcing Pakistan’s squad for the T20 World Cup. But chasing 150 to 160 runs is fine. If they have to chase 180 runs, there is a doubt whether they will be able to win or not. Chasing 180 runs against us in the Pakistan Super League, we would not have tried to get Babar out. Because I knew, if he plays at his own pace, the required run rate will increase continuously. It will be our advantage.” Notably, Babar played for Karachi Kings in Pakistan Super League. On the other hand, the head coach of Lahore Qalandars is Aqib.

Babar was the top batsman in T20 for almost three years. After the Asia Cup, he was replaced by his own opening pair Mohammad Rizwan. Babar was not in a good mood in the Asia Cup. He scored only 68 runs in six matches. After that former cricketers like Akib criticized Babar. The Pakistan captain replied to him.

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