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Virat Kohli | Asia Cup 2022: Shoaib Akhtar praises Anushka Sharma for standing beside Virat Kohli dgtl

After a long wait, Virat Kohli got an international hundred. In his speech after the match, he gave all the credit to wife Anushka Sharma. This time Shoaib Akhtar praised Virat-Gharni. Pakistan’s former fast bowler called Anushka an ‘Iron Man’.

Shoaib said on his YouTube channel, “After the match, Kohli himself said, Anushka has seen the worst chapter of her life. It is a matter of great pride to say such things about one’s wife. Hats off to Anushka Sharma. you are iron man Kohli is a man of steel.”

Not stopping here, Shoaib said, “Many wishes to you Kohli. You have shown how to keep your nerve under pressure. Keep moving forward, be a better person. You always trust in truth. So nothing bad can ever happen to you. People will remember you as one of the greatest in the history of cricket.”

Incidentally, Kohli said after Thursday’s match, “Many people were talking a lot from outside. We didn’t care. I kissed the ring after a century. Because, one person has contributed the most to my return and standing by me all the time. She is my wife Anushka Sharma. I dedicate this hundred first to him and to our daughter Bhamika.”

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Kohli also said that talking to Anushka during difficult times has solved his mental problems. He said, “Talking to someone during a difficult time in life makes the whole thing very easy. Anushka did that in my case. Stands by me in difficult times. Learned a lot while away from the game. After returning to the team, it’s not that I thought I would run from side to side. How many days I did not get a hundred was not in my mind. Just thought, how much I got out of this game!”

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