Queen Elizabeth II loves football

Queen Elizabeth II loves football
Queen Elizabeth II loves football

The world is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Three days of national mourning is also going on in Bangladesh. Rani’s death has also been mourned in the football field. Football club Arsenal held a moment of silence at the start of the second half of the match against Arsenal in Zurich in mourning. All Premier League Gameweek 7 matches have also been suspended. Now the question may arise, was Queen Elizabeth II a football fan at all?

Her Majesty the Queen contributed as much to football as to everything else in England. Queen Elizabeth II is said to be particularly fond of one or more Premier League clubs. According to some sources, Queen Elizabeth was a supporter of the English club Arsenal. Among these sources is the name of former Arsenal player Cesc Fabregas. Again from the English club The Mirror, he liked the London club West Ham. But which club he actually supported will forever remain in doubt.

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952, some 14 years later in 1966 when England won their first and only World Cup under Jules Rim. It is worth mentioning that the World Cup trophy was named Jules Rime in 1946 to honor the first FIFA president to organize the World Cup football tournament. In 1970, Brazil clinched the Jules Rime trophy with their third World Cup victory. A new trophy called the FIFA World Cup Trophy was unveiled for the 1974 World Cup. Queen Elizabeth II presented the trophy to the 1966 World Cup winning team.

When England reached the Euro 2020 final, Queen recalled 1966, writing: ‘Fifty years ago I had the privilege of presenting the World Cup to Bobby Moore and I saw what it meant to the players, management and support staff to reach and win the final of a major international football tournament. I would like to congratulate myself and my family on reaching the final of the European Championships and send my best wishes for tomorrow.’

Queen Elizabeth II also used to award important players.
One of Elizabeth’s most significant contributions was the New Year’s Honors and the Queen’s Birthday Honors, recognizing the contributions of various football figures. The first player on the list was knighthood winner Sir Stanley Matthews, and the names of major football figures such as Alf Ramsey, Alex Ferguson and Bobby Robson have since been added to the list at various times. Many footballers have also received awards. This list includes the names of Roy Hodgson, David Beckham and Gareth Bale.

He was also the only football club to invite Arsenal to his palace. In 2007, the Queen was unable to attend the opening ceremony of Arsenal’s new stadium, the Emirates. As a result, the Queen invited the Arsenal players and manager to tea at Buckingham Palace. In the words of then Arsenal player Thierry Henry: ‘Everything went really well. I have no words to describe the experience Rani gave us.’

Queen Elizabeth II was also seen in the FA Cup final early in her reign. He would present the trophy to the captain of the winning team at Wembley. In some cases he consoled the losing team. Many players later admitted that meeting Rani was one of the highlights of their careers.

In addition to the men’s team, Queen Elizabeth II was also particularly fond of the women’s football team. When the England Women’s team won the Euros almost 60 years later, the Queen also sent a message of respect and thanks to the team. So all in all, England team especially Arsenal and West Ham have lost one of their important fans. This loss may be irreparable.

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