How Queen Elizabeth came to own so much property

How Queen Elizabeth came to own so much property
How Queen Elizabeth came to own so much property

She was the Queen of Britain. As a queen, it is natural that there will be no record of property. But how much is the amount of property? After the death of Elizabeth II, the whole world is curious to know the extent of her affairs. Even after the end of the royal family, everyone wants to know how his earnings would have been.

The fortune of Queen Elizabeth II has been calculated by the famous magazine Fortune. According to their report, the Queen’s personal assets amount to 500 million dollars. The queen was sitting on the throne for 70 years. He acquired this amount of property at that time. The British royal family also owns a $28 billion business called the Royal Farm. King George VI and Prince Philip also call it a family business.

How did the queen earn?
Queen Elizabeth II received a large sum of money each year in the form of sovereign grants from taxpayers’ funds. The British government gives this money to the royal family. Why is this huge amount of money given? An agreement was reached between King George III and the British Parliament. According to that agreement, King George gave all his possessions to Parliament. In return, the British government gives the royal family a lump sum of money every year. It was earlier called ‘Civil List’. Since 2012 which is known as ‘Sovereign Grant’.

Now let’s give a shocking calculation. This ‘sovereign grant’ amounted to £86 million in 2021-2022. The money is given to the royal family for the upkeep of the Queen’s Palace and the upkeep of the Buckingham Palace property. But yes, no money or annual grant is given separately to Rani.

Royal Farms is worth $28 billion
Also known as Royal Firm Monarch plc of Britain. Its estimated net worth is $28 billion. This business firm is led by Queen Elizabeth and members of the royal family. Through many events and tourism, the business contributes millions of pounds to the UK economy each year. Members of the firm include King Charles and his wife Camilla, Prince William and his wife Kate, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. According to Forbes, as of 2021, the royal family’s real estate assets were about $28 billion.

Although a large sum of money comes in each year from land and other holdings through the Crown Estate, it is not the personal property of the Queen or any other member. Crown estates are managed by semi-independent public boards. In June 2021-22, revenue from the Crown Estate was $312.7 million. Which is 43 million dollars more than last year. In fact, the share of this revenue received in the form of sovereign grants, which was initially 15 per cent, was increased to 25 per cent in 2017-18. Now it will be reduced again to 15 percent by 2028.

Queen’s personal property
The Queen’s personal fortune is estimated at $500 million. Elizabeth II earned this huge sum from investments, art collecting, jewelry and real estate.

He also received family property worth $70 million from his mother. These include expensive paintings, jewelry, stamp collections, horses, etc.

That being said, King Charles will not be considered a direct heir to the vast estate after the Queen, but will have rights to the Queen’s estate, but limited.

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