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I am troubled by the quality of TV dramas entertainment

I am troubled by the quality of TV dramas entertainment
I am troubled by the quality of TV dramas entertainment

Eminent actor, producer and writer Abul Hayat. From the seventies till now, he has appeared in TV dramas, movies, advertisements. Received many honors including Ekushey Padak. His play ‘Shodh’ will be staged today at Shilpakala. He spoke about contemporary issues


I wrote the play ‘Shodh’ a long time ago. There was a TV drama. Later it was deemed suitable for the stage. It is a play written against feudalism. The story of the oppressor and the oppressed. I have highlighted the matter dramatically. There are many problems of society in the story. The play will be staged today in the main auditorium of Shilpakala Academy. Stage One Dhaka production directed the play by Domenic Gomez.


I write as a hobby. Autobiography is a big thing. It takes a long time to write. I want to finish the autobiography well. So far I have written about childhood and adolescence. Many things will come up there. My acting career is many years. Apart from this, there are many other events in life, which I will try to highlight. How the childhood was spent, the good chapter of them stands. I started with how I came to this country from India. Mixing with people, communicating with media people, how I am working, society, family, parents, siblings will all come up.

Rating of TV dramas…

I want to see everything as positive. But I am very sad to see the current quality of TV dramas. We bring a passion to this profession. Young generation wants to build their career here. They don’t even want to do a good job. Their obstacles are many. Financial constraints are the main ones. If those who produce dramas in the media, or those who broadcast dramas on channels, do not give a fair budget for healthy dramas, then it is not possible to do good work. We have proved that we can make good plays. Now international standard work is being done in OTT.


Last week was my birthday. Interestingly, mine and my granddaughter, Natasha’s elder daughter Srisha’s birthday is on the same day. Granddaughter’s 13th and my 79th birthday. For which the birthday joy is doubled. The cake is cut on the first hour of the birthday. The next day we celebrate the day separately among ourselves. I don’t remember my birthday as a child. The custom was not there then. On that day, parents used to pray. I used to see the birthdays of our nieces and nephews, there was a lot of celebration. My birthday is celebrated in old age.

Achieving – Non-achieving…

I have done more than I can do. I got more than what I asked for. The love of ordinary people has no end in life. I am very lucky, everyone loves me from children to old people. This love is the best reward of life. No matter how many awards you get, there is no greater reward.

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