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Shahbagh blockade, police lathi-charge demanding entry age of 35

The police lathi-charged the agitators when they tried to block the Shahbag intersection to demand that the age limit for entry into government service be increased to 35 and to implement the current government’s election manifesto. The protesters claimed that at least 10 people were injured and two people were arrested.

On Friday (September 9) afternoon, two organizations under the banner of Jobseeking Youth Generation and Bangladesh General Students Parishad blocked the Shahbag intersection.

According to eyewitnesses, the agitators blocked Shahbagh from 4:15 to 4:45 pm on Friday. The police asked them to leave. The protestors continued the blockade there without listening to the request of the police At that time, the police removed them by baton charge.

The agitators said that when we went to protest peacefully at Shahbagh intersection, the police attacked us without provocation. 15-20 of us were injured 3 of us were arrested by the police. We will continue our fair movement by overcoming all obstacles. The movement will continue until the demands are met.

In this regard, Shahbagh Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Maudud Howladar said that the agitators blocked Shahbagh intersection and caused suffering to the people. At first the police requested them not to block them. The police removed them if they stayed there without lifting the blockade. No one was arrested at that time.

Al Saadi Bhuiyan/JH/ASM

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The article is in Bengali

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