How was Queen Elizabeth II’s relationship with Princess Diana?

Prince Charles is now the King of Britain after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. He would become known as King Charles III. Camilla was once called a ‘Rottweiler’ after Princess Diana’s death. He never quite won the hearts of the British people. That Camilla, Charles’ current wife, will now be known as the Queen Consort.

Prince Charles’ first wife, Princess Diana, was a popular, glamorous woman. He died in a road accident in Paris in 1997 at the age of 36. At that time, Camilla was to be identified as the most criticized woman in Britain.

Charles and Diana separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996. Diana had a crush on Camilla at that time. Charles and Camilla married in 2005.

In 1993, a secretly recorded telephone conversation came to light in which Camilla told Charles: ‘I’d put up with anything for you. This is love. This is the power of love’.

Any lingering doubts about Queen Elizabeth’s future position on the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne have finally been dispelled by Camilla.

Charles married 20-year-old Diana in 1981. Their marriage which mesmerized not only Britain but the whole world. Despite having two children, William and Harry, their relationship soured after a few years and the prince reconnected with his former lover.

However, despite the deterioration of the relationship with Charles, the relationship between Diana and Queen Elizabeth II was sour-sweet. Diana was always a ‘tough girl’ to the Queen. Whereas Diana had ‘great respect’ for her mother-in-law.

Diana had a great influence on the British monarchy both during her lifetime and after her death. It was handled by Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana was born into a noble family. He spent some of his childhood years in a house called Park House. It was one of the Queen’s residences near Sandringham. This girl has all the qualifications to be a princess in the royal family, the queen assumed. Although Diana was not yet ready to follow all the rules of the royal palace.

Despite marrying into the royal family, groom Charles’s austere character contrasted with Diana’s bubbly and outgoing character. Diana felt helpless and isolated from the royal family. He did not understand what was expected of him. Like Prince Charles, the Queen was uncomfortable with Princess Diana’s display of anger. Didn’t know how to handle the situation. Because Diana and the Queen had different experiences growing up.

Even Queen Elizabeth II did not understand how to handle Diana’s moody, intimate interactions with common people. Many thought that Diana knew how to sway public opinion and used it.

The Queen was very upset to see Diana and Charles’ marriage breaking up. He realized that his son’s failure in this regard and the eventual failure of this marriage would deal a major blow to the future of the monarchy.

After Charles and Diana’s relationship deteriorated further, the Queen called the two to speak and pleaded with them to keep the marriage going. But it didn’t work. The Queen decided to intervene again after Diana decided to reveal her story to the world in an interview on the BBC’s Panorama programme. After that, the queen wrote a letter to both of them separately and said that there is only one way – divorce.

However, although Charles and Diana were separated, Queen Elizabeth II maintained a good relationship with her grandchildren. But after their divorce, the Queen and Diana’s relationship also fell apart.

After Diana’s death, there were many criticisms and accusations against the Queen. But the day before Diana’s funeral, the Queen opened up about the daughter-in-law relationship in a televised address. His broadcast was groundbreaking. In it, the Queen acknowledged Diana’s passion and contribution to society.

At that time, it was said that the queen saved the monarchy from a major disaster through her speech. The Queen also bid a final farewell to her daughter-in-law as the coffin carrying Diana’s body passed through the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have recently stepped down from the British royal family. In an interview with US presenter Oprah Winfrey, Duke of Sussex Harry recalled his mother Princess Diana leaving the royal palace three decades ago. He said that he could not even imagine the loneliness his mother had to go through.

But it is clear that Queen Elizabeth II believed in individual liberty. As the uproar over Charles and Diana’s marriage broke up, many analysts felt that the Queen should have been advising and guiding the new member of the royal family on family etiquette. However, Queen Elizabeth II did not give preference to personal preferences over long-standing traditions.

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