‘India only plays in Dubai, afraid to play in Sharjah?’

‘India only plays in Dubai, afraid to play in Sharjah?’
‘India only plays in Dubai, afraid to play in Sharjah?’

India-Pakistan blockbuster match again in Super Four after the group stage. The battle of words of the cricket analysts of the two countries is going on outside the field around this heated match. One of them sat with a controversial question, why India’s preferred venue in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai?

In October last year, India played all five Super Twelve matches in the T20 World Cup in Dubai. This time the Asia Cup is also being held in the Emirates and they are playing all the matches in the same city. While the remaining five teams Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Hong Kong played in Sharjah, another venue of the tournament.

Pakistan’s former cricketer Sikandar Bakhat raised questions about this issue. In a television show, he asked the Indian panel of Kapil Dev, Mohammad Azharuddin and Atul Wasan, is India afraid to play in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi?

Bakhat asked in GEO Super, ‘I just want to know, why India does not want to play in Sharjah or Dubai? Do they only play in Dubai? Are you afraid to play in Sharjah? The draw was leaked, starting with India’s match against Pakistan in Sharjah. You changed it to Dubai. Our people asked us about this, so I asked the same question.’

Although Kapil and Azharuddin did not answer this question, Atul said with a smile, Sharjah was not very pleasant for the Indian team in the past.

“That pitch was bad for us. Now ICC is strong for us, so we are not playing there.’- Hasan Wasan told everyone.

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