I am also a dropout Prothom-alo

I am also a dropout Prothom-alo
I am also a dropout Prothom-alo

Children learn by watching us
I believe that parents cannot teach their children ideals, ethics, morals, honesty even after hundreds of words. When it comes to these teachings, they think of parents as a ‘muted’ television. That is, the parents’ mouths move properly, but the children do not listen to anything. I used to take these things like this when I was a child. So I think that the education that we want to give to our children, we have to practice ourselves first. Remember, not by hearing, children learn by watching us. Not to teach, but to talk to them to communicate. It is also important to talk to them about forbidden matters. As if they can set their own boundaries. As I talk to my son about all kinds of things. So that my son does not feel shy to talk openly with me about anything when necessary. If you don’t set an example in front of your child, there is no point in setting others up as an example.

Twinkle’s role model
Failure is my role model. Every time I failed in life, I observed my failure very carefully. Whenever there is an obstacle in life, I have examined that obstacle deeply. I have always tried to find something from every failure, from every obstacle, which I have not seen for so long. Because of this effort, every time I discovered something new about myself, about my surroundings, which prepared me for the future.
When you see successful people, remember that they did not succeed overnight. Before reaching their goal, before succeeding, they had to stumble, fail again and again, only then they got success.

Translated from English to Bengali
Source: Based on Oxford Union, Midday India and Tweak India

The article is in Bengali

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