Don’t cry, I will come, eat tea: PM

Don’t cry, I will come, eat tea: PM
Don’t cry, I will come, eat tea: PM

Lucky Narayan, a laborer of Karnaphuli tea plantation, was speaking with one eye on the Prime Minister. Sheikh Hasina promised to treat the other eye when she burst into tears after being invited for tea.

On Saturday afternoon, the workers of this industry joined the Prime Minister in a video conference from the Karnaphuli tea plantation in Lelang Union of Fatikchari Upazila of Chittagong.

At this time, the workers of Chandichhara tea garden in Chunarughat of Habiganj, Patrakhola in Kamalganj of Moulvibazar, Lakkatura in Sylhet Sadar and Karnaphuli tea garden in Fatikchari of Chittagong presented their statements.

At the end of the four tea plantations, Chittagong tea plantation workers spoke their minds to the Prime Minister.

In the meantime, Lucky Narayan, a worker at the Karnaphuli tea plantation, told the Prime Minister, “What can I say to you that we were struggling to get through the day with a salary of 120 rupees. Sun, rain, storm we tea garden people work in the garden.

“Our children study. There are schools in Bagan but up to class V. If you want to fall above it, you have to go far. Our children cannot go there. If you can make us a school here.”

Lucky Narayan said, “You said you don’t have parents. I also have no parents. alone Not even married. I don’t even see one eye. With one eye, I’m talking to you now.

“You will come to our garden once. I want you to have a cup of tea from our garden.”

When Lucky Narayan burst into tears, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reassured him and said, “Don’t cry, I will come and have tea.” I will arrange your treatment. I will say, the eye should be treated.”

Then Munmun Ghosh, the son of a tea worker family, told the Prime Minister, “I am the son of a plantation worker. Now Karnaphuli is an assistant teacher in a newly built primary school in the tea garden. I am studying in second year of degree.

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