Oppo has come with a new smartphone A57

Oppo has come with a new smartphone A57
Oppo has come with a new smartphone A57

Oppo has come with a new smartphone A57

2022 Sep 03 18:05:21

Information Technology Desk: Recently, Oppo has launched its new smartphone Oppo A57 in the domestic market. This new device in the series is the latest phone in the brand’s smartphone line-up. The new phone has 33W supersonic flash charging, dual stereo speakers and up to 8GB RAM expansion technology with various features for enjoyable smartphone use. Oppo A57 smart device with advanced features and technology has been priced at Tk 17,990. The new device uses advanced features to give users a unique experience of using the phone.

The Oppo A57 device features ultra-linear dual stereo speakers and 33W supersonic charging, which will provide the user with the best entertainment experience while using the phone. This device will ensure to provide a home-theater like experience to the user. It improves bass response and ensures maximum volume to add extra dimension while playing movies and games. On the other hand, stereo sound field increases immersion. Ultra Volume mode boosts the top volume by 44 percent, which is quite helpful for the hearing impaired. These features combine to provide users with a lasting and unique entertainment experience! With the help of 33W SuperVoc charging technology, users can talk to their loved ones for 3 hours and 17 minutes with a five-minute charge. On the other hand, with 15 minutes of charge, users can enjoy 4 hours of video streaming and various videos on YouTube. This phone is charged from zero to 51 percent in just 30 minutes. With the help of flash charging technology, this device is fully charged in just 72 minutes!

The Oppo A57 device has a powerful 5,000 mAh battery, which charges the phone to more than 51 percent within 30 minutes. On a full charge, the phone lasts for 15 hours of YouTube streaming or up to 12.7 days on standby.

Up to 8GB RAM expansion (4GB+4GB) technology has been used in the Oppo A57 device to ensure that no data is lost from the device, which stores memorable moments securely. For those who love taking pictures, the device sports an ultra-high resolution 13-megapixel camera with AI dual camera set-up and an 8-megapixel selfie camera with AI portrait. Oppo A57’s 6.56-inch color-rich display will make the user’s experience of watching games, movies and photos more vivid and impressive, which will take the user’s phone experience to new heights. The device’s ColorOS 12.1 improves privacy and performance; Besides, Super Power Saving Mode keeps the CPU speed and functions running longer even on low charge. Super Nighttime Standby, on the other hand, reduces overnight battery drain to just 2 percent, saving users from needing to charge every night.

The Oppo A57 device is available in two colors. These are: Glowing Green and Glowing Black. Besides, the device uses Oppo Glow design, 2D slim and featherweight design to give users a comfortable experience using the device. Anyone can use the glowing green device; Because, this device has fresh and vibrant green color atmosphere. Transitional interior textures and a flat-edge design are used in super trendy colors, creating an eye-catching feel. Straight middle frame with side-mounted fingerprint helps to unlock the phone quickly and easily with five fingerprint options.

This wonderful device can be pre-ordered from 1st to 7th of this month. Interested buyers will get a chance to enjoy various offers if they pre-order the phone, which is packed with advanced features. Pre-order buyers will get a chance to win a backpack as well as an Oppo A57 for just 57 taka through lottery! Also, buyers will get additional cash and internet bundle through swap with 15 percent exchange facility.

(PR/SP/September 03, 2022)

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