24 killed in train accident in August, 8 by sea

24 killed in train accident in August, 8 by sea
24 killed in train accident in August, 8 by sea

The Road Safety Foundation said in a report that 24 people were killed in 23 accidents on the country’s railways and 8 people were killed in 11 accidents on the river during the month of August.

Road Safety has prepared this report based on information from 9 national dailies, 7 online news portals and electronic media.

This information was informed in the press release signed by Road Safety Foundation Executive Director Saidur Rahman on Saturday (September 3).

According to the notification, in the month of August, 8 people were killed and 6 people went missing in an accident on the country’s river. At this time, 24 people were killed and 9 injured in the railway accident.

519 people were killed in 458 road accidents across the country in August. Out of this, 172 people were killed in 183 motorcycle accidents. The motorcycle accident rate is 39.95 percent, and the fatality rate is 33.14 percent of the total fatalities.

64 women and 69 children were killed in road accidents last month. 109 pedestrians were killed in these accidents, which is 21 percent of the total fatalities. 94 people, i.e. 18.11 percent, were killed by vehicle drivers and assistants.

According to the Road Safety Foundation, accidents on unprotected railway crossings and railway tracks are increasing in the country. Accidents of high-speed goods-carrying vehicles including trucks and motorcycles are also not decreasing. Mentally and physically challenged drivers drive goods vehicles at reckless speed and minors and youths drive motorcycles recklessly causing accidents themselves and also affecting other vehicles.


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