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Shakib is worried about the death over bowling

Shakib is worried about the death over bowling
Shakib is worried about the death over bowling

Bangladesh batted well against Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup. Even after a big collection, Bangladesh had to leave after losing the match. Bangladesh’s failure in death over bowling is showing again and again. With a big collection of 183 runs on the board, there was a great chance to catch the Lankans early on. But the bowlers could not seize that opportunity. It was Hossain who brought the team back into the match, and it was that act that ended everything. This pacer spent 17 runs with a no ball in the 19th over.

The Lankans needed 8 runs in the last over. Sheikh Mehdi Hasan gave a single in the first ball but digested the boundary in the next ball. The third ball is no ball. Sri Lanka won by adding 2 runs to 1 run. Shakib is worried about the death over bowling. After the match he said, ‘We need to improve a lot in death over bowling. Due to this we have to pay very high fees. ‘

They needed 17-18 runs in the last two overs. They lost eight wickets. As we were supposed to be ahead. But we did not do well in the death overs. They took advantage of the opportunity and left the field with a win. ‘

Shakib also praised Sri Lanka. He said, ‘Sri Lanka must be praised. The way they kept their nerve and played really deserves praise. ‘

Shakib feels that the team needs to improve a lot before the World Cup. He said, ‘We have to improve a lot before the World Cup. We are still weak in many areas. To do well in the World Cup, those weaknesses must be overcome. ‘

Bangladesh Time: 2442 hours, September 02, 2022

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