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In August, the remittance came to Tk 19,000 crore

In August, the remittance came to Tk 19,000 crore
In August, the remittance came to Tk 19,000 crore

There are various concerns and worries about the country’s economy due to various reasons including the Russia-Ukraine war. Bangladesh Bank has again given good news in such a situation. Remittances of Tk 19 thousand 361 crore have arrived in the country in the current month of August.

This information was revealed in the updated report of Bangladesh Bank’s foreign exchange policy department on Thursday.

According to the report, expatriates sent about 204 crore (2.04 billion) dollars in August. In local currency (at 95 taka per dollar) which amounts to 19 thousand 361 crore taka. Which is 12.6 percent more than August of last year (2021). 181 crore in the same period last year.

According to the latest data of the central bank, remittances through five state-owned commercial banks reached 363.5 million dollars in August. 164 crore 25 lakh dollars came through private banks. 75 million dollars came to foreign banks. 2 crore 43 lakh dollars have come to the specialized bank Bangladesh Krishi Bank.

The highest remittances this month came through Islami Bank. Total remittance through the bank is 430 million dollars. After that 14 crores in City Bank, 13 crores 24 lakhs in Agrani Bank, 11 crores 40 lakhs in Pubali Bank, 10 crores 16 lakhs in Dutch-Bangla Bank and 100 crores came through Rupali Bank.

It should be noted that in the fiscal year 2021-2022, expatriates sent remittances of 2,103 crore (21.03 billion) dollars. However, the largest remittance in the country’s history came in the fiscal year 2020-21 at $24.78 billion.

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