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Europe needs nuclear deal more than Iran: Mohammad Marandi

Europe needs nuclear deal more than Iran: Mohammad Marandi
Europe needs nuclear deal more than Iran: Mohammad Marandi

Iran says that Europe needs more than Iran to re-enforce the nuclear deal, but the US is making European countries a victim of the Vienna talks. Mohammad Marandi has been working as an adviser on behalf of Tehran in the last year and a half of Iran’s talks with the West in Vienna, the capital of Austria. He made this comment in an interview given to Lebanon’s Al-Manar television.

He said that European countries are in dire need of fuel in view of the coming winter. So the Europeans need a deal to revive the Iran nuclear deal more than Tehran, in view of the growing demand for energy. Marandi said, therefore, the more time is wasted in signing the agreement, the more Western countries will suffer.

Marandi’s interview aired on Al-Manar TV on Wednesday night as talks to revive the nuclear deal are currently stalled over a final draft agreement. The draft that the European Union has prepared in this regard contains some observations from both Iran and the United States.

Iran’s foreign minister said Tehran will not sign the deal until the US gives strong guarantees.

In an interview with Al-Manar, the adviser of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team, said that keeping in mind Europe’s energy needs, the United States wants to impose its unjust demands on Iran as well as Europe.

Marandi said, seeing the weak position of the European countries in the discussion, one thing is clear that these countries cannot say anything on the face of the United States. Iran will not trust any guarantees given by Europe if the nuclear deal is revived. Because, if the US cancels the agreement, the Europeans will have nothing to do.

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