Seizure of books of failed students of class IX

Seizure of books of failed students of class IX
Seizure of books of failed students of class IX

The Department of Inspection and Audit (DIA) under the Ministry of Education has seized the examination books of 55 students, including the student Parpita Faiha, who committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the Holy Cross School in the capital.

In this incident, the Deputy Director of the Department of Inspection and Audit. A two-member investigation committee headed by Rehana Khatun has been formed. Another member of the committee is Education Inspector. Delwar Hossain.

On Wednesday (August 24), the investigating committee spoke to the school’s headmistress, Parpitha’s class teacher and accused higher maths teacher Shovan Rosario and the ninth grade students. The inquiry committee recorded the statement of each.

It is to be noted that at around 5 pm on Tuesday, Nandan Rokeya, who returned from school at 29, Tejgaon Station Road, committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the 10th floor. Parpita was a Class IX C Section student of Holy Cross School. This year, 35 students failed in Higher Mathematics in the first provisional examination and 55 in the second provisional examination. Parpita failed in higher mathematics in two exams. The school authorities have directed the parents of the students who failed the examination to come to the school separately.

On the other hand, the parents of those who have passed are directed to come to the school on a different date. This creates emotional conflicts between the students who pass and those who fail. Parpita was frustrated because she could not tell her parents about her failure. After that, on Tuesday afternoon, he committed suicide.

Meanwhile, the police handed over Parpita’s body to the family without an autopsy on Tuesday night. His body was taken from his village home in Senbag upazila of Noikhali. Burial took place in the family cemetery after the funeral on Wednesday morning.

On the other hand, Parpita’s mother Kamrun Nahar alleged that her child took the path of suicide due to excessive pressure from the teacher regarding school studies. After her death the school informed that Parpita had failed in 3 subjects. But before his death they did not know about Parpitar’s failure.

Parpita lived with her parents in Flat No. 10/D of Nandan Rokeya 10 Floor Apartment, 29, Tejgaon Railway Station Road. Parpita was the eldest among one brother and one sister. The younger brother studies in a madrasa. Father Abdul Majed is a businessman.

According to a source in the investigation committee of the Department of Inspection and Audit, on Wednesday, class IX students complained that they were forced to study privately at a teacher’s residence in higher mathematics. Half of the students failed in the higher Gani this year, causing frustration among them. Parpita’s classmate Suha Marjia says, for 4/5 days, there was a kind of depression in Parpita’s speech. Once in a conversation he said that he would die if he got potassium cyanide.

DIA Director Prof. Aliullah Md. Azmatgir told the media that the death of the student is a matter of criminal law. However, there is a complaint against a teacher that he was failed for not teaching privately. We will investigate this matter. The report will be submitted to the ministry after investigation.

Parpita’s class teacher Rokeya Begum told reporters that Parpita was never the first girl. Serial 19 of his merit. And Parpita failed in 3 subjects including Higher Mathematics. If a teacher has a grudge, then he cannot make the parent fail in 3 subjects. We think that during the two years of Corona, the students could not study in the same way in the seventh and eighth grade. Not all students are able to master the syllabus of various subjects of the science department by the ninth grade.

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