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Launch fare hike on Dhaka-Rangabali route without government decision

Launch fare hike on Dhaka-Rangabali route without government decision
Launch fare hike on Dhaka-Rangabali route without government decision

The launch fare of Dhaka-Rangabali sea route has been increased without any government decision. However, the launch authority clarified that they did not increase the fare. Earlier he took less, now he is taking fixed rent. However, the passengers complained that at least 2 hundred rupees were charged more per ticket.

Passengers complained that after the increase in the price of fuel oil, the launch fare has been increased since the day before yesterday. Deke increased the rent by 200. 500-600 increased in double cabin. 200 taka increased in single cabin.

Rangabali is a township dependent on waterways. Most of the people here are in communication with Dhaka through the launch. So you have to travel even if the fare increases. On this occasion, the launch authorities have increased the fare according to their wishes, according to the launch passengers.

On August 5, the government increased the price of diesel and kerosene by 34 taka to 114 taka. The Launch Owners Association has proposed to increase the price of fuel and increase the rent by 100%. However, no decision has been taken yet.

Earlier, the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) increased the fare of all launches by 35 percent in a meeting with the launch owners on November 7 last year due to the increase in fuel prices.

Every day there is a launch from Dhaka to Rangabali and a launch from Rangabali to Dhaka. Passengers complain that the launch authority has increased the fare one time in advance after the increase in the price of fuel oil. Passengers fear that when the government increases the fare, they will increase the fare again.

A passenger launch called MV Jamal-9 left Dhaka’s Sadarghat at 6 pm on Monday for Rangabali. When the launch reached Rangabali at 8 am on Tuesday, the passengers said that earlier the deck fare was 400-450. Now took 600-650 rupees. Single cabin was 1300-400, now taking 1500. And double cabin was 2400-500. Which increased to 3000 now.

Mahmud, a passenger in the double cabin of that launch, said, “After the increase in the price of oil, the fare of the launch has suddenly increased. No official instructions have come yet. Then why was the rent increased earlier?”

Shubhrat Sikder, another passenger of the launch, said, “Now the fare has increased. If the government accepts their demands, it will increase the rent again. In that case, the passengers will have nothing to do.”

In this regard, Shah Alam, in charge of the passenger launch Zahid-8 operating on the Dhaka-Rangabali route, said, ‘Single 1500, double 3000, deck fare 600 taka.’ When asked about the increase in rent, he hung up on the excuse of the authorities.

In this regard, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) Traffic Inspector of Rangabali Kodalia Ghat Abdus Salam Bhuiyan (Ashiq) said, ‘Government cannot charge more than the prescribed fare. If it takes more, action will be taken.’


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