Shahid Afridi’s salt on Kohli’s wounds

Shahid Afridi’s salt on Kohli’s wounds
Shahid Afridi’s salt on Kohli’s wounds

India was the hot favorite in the recently concluded World Cup. The 13th edition of the Cricket World Cup was held at their home ground.

From the first match of the season which started in their own yard, the team led by Rohit Sharma was flying from unbeaten to the semi-finals with an incredible performance.

In the first match of the season, India defeated the World Cup record five-time world champions Australia. The Australian cricketers were waiting for a long time to heal the wounds of that loss. Finally, their perfect opportunity came. Australia clinched the World Cup trophy after defeating India in the final.

Pakistan’s legendary cricketer Shahid Afridi said about the Indian cricketers who were mentally broken after missing out on the World Cup trophy, ‘When you win matches consistently, super confidence is born. I think this is the reason for their downfall.’

The former Pakistan captain added, ‘We all have had such experiences. When we would hit a boundary or score a century or take a wicket, the Indian fans would not respond.’

Afridi also said, ‘When Travis Head scored a century in the final, the audience was silent. A sports loving nation always appreciates the players and their efforts. But India fans don’t have it. These so-called educated supporters were surprised.’

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