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These 5 exclusive super bikes will blow your mind


Science and Technology Desk: Motorcycles or bikes have been at the peak of demand among youth for ages. Keeping that in mind, all the great exclusive superbikes of various brands are coming to the world market with dual variety of speed and style, at the same time they are expansive.

You might be shocked to hear the price of exclusive super bike of world famous brand. Let’s take a look at the top 5 exclusive and expansive bikes that have recently hit the global market.

Feline One is one of the motorcycles that has made it to the world’s exclusive super bike list. Swiss motorcycle company Feline has launched the bike in the market. It uses 801 cc 3 cylinder engine and has 6 gearbox. The Feline One model is made of carbon, titanium, advanced aluminum and leather. There is no reduction in the use of luxury goods. One of the most surprising things is that it weighs only 155 kg. The company was able to produce this bike after 4 long years of technical research. Renowned French designer Yakuba has designed this state-of-the-art bike. The price of the Feline One bike in the world market is 2.8 lakh US dollars, about 2.2 million taka in Bangladeshi currency.

Harley Davidson Softail Slim S [Harley Davidson ‍softtel slim S]
Famous American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson exclusive bike ‘Softtail Slim S’. Swiss famous jewelry and watch manufacturer ‘Buscherer’ and motorbike manufacturer ‘Bandana Bike’ jointly developed it. Eight experts of these two organizations have researched and tested for 2,500 hours to design the bike. It has 360 diamonds embedded in it. The screws on the bike are all gold. The motorbike has six layers of color coating. The speed of this bike of 1 thousand 888 cc is more than 188 km per hour. The motorcycle will start finger scanning as soon as you sit on this 388 kg bike. It is priced at 1.79 million US dollars in the world market. Its price in Bangladeshi taka is 15 crore 16 lakh taka.

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Yamaha BMS Chopper [Yamaha BMS Chopper]
It cannot be that the popular brand Yamaha will not be in the list of luxury superbikes of the world. The Yamaha BMS Chopper is more of a mechanical art than a bike. An object to have in one’s own collection that will express true estheticism. It has a 1700 cc twin engine, which is almost entirely wrapped in 24 carat gold and has red velvet upholstery on the seats. The price of the bike in the world market is about 30,00,000 dollars, 25 crore 77 lakhs in Bangladeshi taka.

Nineteen forty nine and nine zero ajs poker [1949 E90 AJS Porcupine]
One of the most exclusive motor bikes in the world is Nineteen Forty Nine E Nine Zero AJS Porcopine. The famous British company Bonham is the manufacturer of this elite motorcycle. They claim that the world’s first sports bike, the AJS Porcupine, produced in 1954, has been brought to this stage by modernizing it step by step. The 498 cc dual engine bike is made of magnesium rich steel. It is capable of running at a speed of 300 miles per hour. Bonham has released only four motorbikes of this brand in the world so far. The fifth bike is yet to be built. Its market value is 70,00,000 US dollars, 60 crores in Bangladeshi currency.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter [Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter]
The world’s most exclusive and expansive super bike is the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter. It is manufactured by Neiman Marcus Limited, an American chain of luxury department stores. It has a powerful engine of 1 thousand 888 cc. It is able to give 228 PS power to the rear wheel. However, the maximum speed is limited to 300 km. The body of the bike is made of aluminum and titanium mixed carbon fiber frame. The price of Noman Marcus fighter bike in the world market is 11 million US dollars, which is 93 crore 20 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency.

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