The atmosphere of confidence for elections is not yet there:

The atmosphere of confidence for elections is not yet there:
The atmosphere of confidence for elections is not yet there:

Dhaka: Secretary General of Jatiya Party. Mujibul Haque Chunnu said that Jatiya Party believes that change of power is not possible without elections. There is talk about every election held in the last 33 years.

He said those who won the election under the caretaker government said the election was fair. And those who could not come to power said that the election was not fair. It is not possible to make the election 100% fair in the current election system.

He also said that Hussain Muhammad Ershad proportional election system should be adopted to make the election fair. Elections have come forward to protect constitutional continuity. We want fair and credible elections. 100% trust environment for elections has not been created yet.

Mujibul Haque Chunnu said these things while talking to the media on Tuesday (November 21) afternoon.

JAPA Secretary General said, Jatiya Party Chairman Golam Mohammad Quader will inform our election decision. There is a question in people’s mind, whether they will be able to vote if they go to the polling station or not. There is apprehension and doubt among people about the election. So we are taking time to decide on voting. We will not make any alliance or grand alliance, we will elect only 300 seats.

In response to a question from journalists, he said that various circles are conspiring to achieve their interests. Jatiya Party is united under the leadership of Chairman GM Quader. There is no question about the leadership of the chairman of the Jatiya Party.

He also said that our chief adviser Begum Roshan Ershad called me twice yesterday and told me that she will take the nomination form for her and her son. But yesterday no one came to collect the nomination form, today they may come.

622 nomination forms have been distributed today. In this regard, 1 thousand 179 nomination forms have been distributed in two days.

Among the notables, Jatiya Party Presidium member Golam Kibria Tipu, Abdur Rashid Sarkar, Liaquat Hossain Khoka, Advisor Panir Uddin Ahmed have accepted the nomination form.

Bangladesh Time: 2035 hours, November 21, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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