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Bangladesh draw against Lebanon in World Cup qualifiers

Bangladesh draw against Lebanon in World Cup qualifiers
Bangladesh draw against Lebanon in World Cup qualifiers

Lebanon is ahead of Bangladesh in football skills. Their position is 104th in FIFA ranking. Bangladesh is at number 183. Bangladesh will enter the football World Cup 2026 qualifying match on Tuesday (November 21). Javier Cabrera’s men host Lebanon at home in Group I in the second match of the second leg. The match was a draw at the Bashundhara Kings Arena. Despite falling behind, Bangladesh drew 1-1.

In the 67th minute of the match, Bangladesh scored a goal through the mistake of substitute Rabiul Hasan. This midfielder failed to clear the ball from the penalty area. Lebanese footballer Majed Osman got the ball from Hasan’s leg. He led the team with a shot in the empty net. The red-green team did not fall behind and give up. Sheikh Morsalin scored a goal in the 72nd minute to equalize Bangladesh. He attacked from the right side and took a shot from the D box. The opponent goalkeeper could not return his shot.

Both teams tried to score during the rest of the match. No one ever conceded a goal due to a lack of finishing, a goalkeeper. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Before this, the first half ended goalless. Bangladesh did not score any goals in the first half. Both teams entered the field in 4-3-3 position. No one could make an attack worth speaking of. Most of the time the ball has moved in midfield.

In the 24th minute of the match, Tariq Kazi headed the ball from Tariq’s corner. However, his shot was blocked by the opposing goalkeeper Matar. Bangladesh got a good chance in the 44th minute. Faisal Ahmed Fahim extended the ball towards Morsalin. But Morsaline’s shot went over the bar. Apart from this, Bangladesh could not put Lebanon’s defense to much of a test.

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