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Hemant rains will increase the risk of dengue Online version

Hemant rains will increase the risk of dengue Online version
Hemant rains will increase the risk of dengue Online version

November 21, 2023 13:41

1550 deaths due to dengue, even at the end of the season, the number of infected is on the rise

Jayashree Bhaduri

More than 1500 people have died due to the bite of Aedes mosquito. Even though the season is over, the outbreak of dengue fever does not stop. Even though it is raining in nature, it is raining intermittently from time to time. Last week, under the influence of Cyclone Midhili, there was light to heavy rain in most parts of the country including the capital. Experts fear that this rain will further increase the spread of dengue.

Jahangirnagar University professor entomologist Dr. Kabirul Bashar said that rainwater accumulates and creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes live for about 40 days. If they do not get water during this time, they will die without being able to lay eggs. But because of the rain, mosquitoes will now have water to lay their eggs. As a result dengue outbreak will continue for another 40-50 days. He also said, ‘Bangladesh’s dengue has broken the record in history and the number of cases and deaths has reached the maximum. After dengue was identified in Bangladesh since 2000, a total of 853 people died until 2022 and this year unfortunately 1 thousand 554 people died. The number of infected is much higher than the official estimate. If the rain stops completely, the dengue outbreak will decrease. However, dengue will be present throughout the year in the country. Aedes mosquitoes will breed year-round in containers where water accumulates without rain or where citizens store water. To get rid of dengue, everyone should ensure that there is no standing water in their house and yard.

According to the sources of the Department of Health, 1 thousand 197 people were affected by dengue yesterday, and five people died. Among them, 286 people are infected in Dhaka, 911 people are infected outside Dhaka. This year, 3 lakh 2 thousand 452 people were admitted to the hospital due to dengue. Out of this, 1 lakh 5 thousand 821 people have been admitted to hospital in Dhaka. 1 lakh 96 thousand 631 people were admitted to hospitals outside Dhaka. So far 1 thousand 554 people have lost their lives. Many patients have received treatment from home. The government does not have this account. So the actual number of dengue cases is much more.
Famous medical expert of the country, Prime Minister’s personal physician Emeritus Professor Dr. ABM Abdullah said, in case of fever, cold, cough, headache, test should be done without neglect. Patients are coming late to the hospital. Those who are already suffering from various complex diseases or are pregnant should be more careful.

He also said that those who are affected for the second or third time are more at risk. If dengue is diagnosed, take liquid food with doctor’s advice. In case of excessive vomiting, abdominal pain, go to the hospital immediately. Now there are more patients in villages than in cities. Doctors are providing dengue fever services in upazila level government hospitals there. They should be consulted in case of fever.

Dengue was first detected in Bangladesh in 1965. The disease was then known as Dhaka fever. But since 2000, the incidence of the disease started increasing. In 2022, the dengue situation was worse. The highest number of deaths in the country was 281 in that year. This was the highest loss of life at that time. Dengue deaths are increasing rapidly this year. So far this year, the death toll from dengue fever has reached 1,554. A new record has already been created in the country, breaking the old record in the death of dengue patients.

BD Daily/Nazmul


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