Entering the virtual world from reality, know when Apple Vision Pro will be launched

Entering the virtual world from reality, know when Apple Vision Pro will be launched
Entering the virtual world from reality, know when Apple Vision Pro will be launched

During the WWDC 2023 tech event held last June, Apple promised to launch a new mixed-reality headset called Vision Pro in early 2024. However, no specific date has been announced. From the company’s attitude, it seemed that the screen might be removed from the device as early as next year. But now it seems that the tech giant is backtracking on their plans and looking to push back the launch date. Apple device analyst Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman) in a latest newsletter published in Bloomberg indicates that.

Apple Vision Pro may launch in the US and global markets at a later date

At the WWDC 2023 tech event, Apple confirmed the launch of its new mixed-reality headset Vision Pro device in the US in early 2024. Then Mark Gurman claimed that this headset might make its debut in January next year. But now this Apple device analyst seems to have a different opinion. Mark said the tech giant plans to launch the Vision Pro at a spring event in March, not January. In fact, the headset is now in its final stages of testing.

The analyst also said that Apple will first launch this computing headset in its home market, the United States. Later i.e. by the end of 2024 the device will be brought to select regional markets. However, Mark claims that Tim Cook’s company has decided to sell this new mixed-reality headset only through Apple retail stores or the official Apple online store. The Vision Pro device will not be allowed to be sold by any third party retail stores or Apple-authorized sellers.

One of the reasons for this is that this high-end product will be somewhat customized in nature. That means the Vision Pro will come with a variety of prescription lenses and headbands to offer users the perfect fit and precise vision. As a result, it may be difficult for a retail store to provide the same service as an original Apple Store. After all, not providing the right headband and lenses would make consumers suffer, which Apple doesn’t want at all.

Incidentally, the Vision Pro device will be powered by VisionOS. It is known that the beta version of this custom user interface is in the final stage. That’s why Mark Gurman claimed that this new OS might be launched with the Vision Pro headset at the Spring event organized by Apple in March 2024. And only then will its features be brought to light.

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