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The application period has been extended till December 7

The application period has been extended till December 7
The application period has been extended till December 7

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The application period for foreign observers interested in observing the 12th Parliament election has been extended from November 21 to December 7.

According to the International Observer Policy, any organization or individual can apply at this time by completing the form provided on the EC website in the prescribed manner.

In a press conference on Tuesday, EC Additional Secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath said, “Foreign monitoring organizations requested for extension of time. The extension of this period for foreign observers and journalists was approved on December 7 when their application recommendations were presented to the commission.”

He said that so far 12 applications have been received as a country.

“I received four applications as an organization. They have agreed to come and observe our elections.”

He said, among the four organizations, 11 people from African Electoral, four people from South Asian Development Forum, 5 people from IRI and four people from EU will come to monitor the election.

He said, “I got a good response. Many will come to observe our elections as individuals and organizations.”

The Election Commission has written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform the embassies and high commissions of various countries in Dhaka about the extension of time.


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