Ahsan Kabir Tutul took the nomination form of A.League

Ahsan Kabir Tutul took the nomination form of A.League
Ahsan Kabir Tutul took the nomination form of A.League

Former Central Chhatra League leader Ahsan Karib Tutul has collected the party nomination form of Awami League to compete in Satkhira-1 (Tala-Kalaroa) seat in the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections.

He took the nomination form from the Bangabandhu Avenue party’s central office in Dhaka on Monday.

Ahsan Kabir Tutul himself confirmed the matter on Tuesday afternoon.

He said, if Awami League nominates me and I can win, I will make Kalaroa Tala an ideal area.

Tutul said, I will work tirelessly on the student employment system so that a final year student graduates with a job. This will further motivate them to add value to the society. Basic Islamic education will be provided free of cost to children in every mosque.

He also said, if I get elected, I will make Tala-Kalroa drug free. People will move freely without fear of terror. This seat will be run by the people. Where there will be no terrorism, drugs and extortion. I want to be a public servant.

Ahsan Kabir Tutul Dhaka University Poet Jasim Uddin Hall is the former general secretary of Chhatra League and has led the organization at the central level.

Son of Srirampur village of Sonabaria union of Kalaroa upazila of Satkhira, Ahsan Kabir Tutul has been serving as the president of BBR MS High School for the past few years. Every year, the students of that high school have been providing various support including distribution of school bags and educational materials.

He sought prayers and cooperation from Tala and Kalaroa upazilas.

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