North Korea attempts to send spy satellite into space again

North Korea attempts to send spy satellite into space again
North Korea attempts to send spy satellite into space again

North Korea is going to send a spy satellite into space. Japan and South Korea believe that the country can try this launch at midnight on Wednesday (November 29). British media BBC reported this news on Tuesday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been planning to launch a spy satellite into space for a long time. If such satellites were deployed, it would give Kim early warning of potential attacks. As a result, he will be able to plan and take decisions more accurately when dealing with the enemy. In light of this, Pyongyang is going to launch an intelligence satellite missile on November 29 at 11:59 p.m. local time.

Japanese media said Pyongyang announced a nine-day effort to launch a spy satellite in a notification. Which will end on November 30.

The announcement by Pyongyang designated three maritime areas as sites for debris from satellite-carrying rockets, the Japan Coast Guard said. Two of the three locations are west of the Korean Peninsula and the other is east of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Debris from satellite-carrying rockets can fall in any of these locations.

Japan has said it will work with South Korea to strongly urge North Korea to stop the launch.

Japan says North Korea’s efforts are a violation of UN resolutions. The UN Security Council has banned Pyongyang from launching satellites. They think that North Korea will test missile technology under the pretext of launching satellites.

Meanwhile, Kang Ho-pil, director of the operations department of South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, has warned that Seoul will take necessary measures against Pyongyang if the launch proceeds.

This is not the first attempt to launch a spy satellite into space; On the contrary, Pyongyang has tried and failed twice this year. This is their third launch attempt.

North Korea attempted to launch a spy satellite for the first time last May. Later it failed. At that time, South Korea said that the debris of the satellite was recovered by the Seoul army. They were convinced that it had no military utility.

Then in August, the country attempted to launch a second round of spy missiles. That too fails. At that time, Pyongyang’s space agency said that they were not disappointed because the launch failed twice in a row. Pyongyang announced its third spy satellite launch in October. However, South Korea believes it will be pushed back to November.

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