This time the Indonesian hospital in Gaza is blocked

This time the Indonesian hospital in Gaza is blocked
This time the Indonesian hospital in Gaza is blocked

After besieging and attacking Al Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza, the Israeli forces have also besieged the Indonesian hospital there. They surrounded and attacked with tanks since Monday morning.

Zionist Israeli soldiers are shooting dead anyone who tries to leave the hospital. They shot and killed 12 people on Monday. As a result, 6,000 people, including patients and displaced people, were trapped in the hospital. Meanwhile, Gaza’s health ministry has described Israel’s claim to have Hamas tunnels in al-Shifa as “absolute lies”. Aljazeera and BBC news.

An Indonesian hospital source said the operation room was closed due to the attack. Their bodies are lying outside the hospital. There were about 700 patients in the hospital, 5,000 displaced people and at least 10,000 people in surrounding shelters.

Meanwhile, Indonesia condemned the attack. The country’s foreign minister, Retno Marsudi, said it was a clear violation of international humanitarian law. He urged the international community to put pressure on Israel to stop the attacks.

Not only the hospital, but also a school run by the United Nations in the Al Kuwait area was attacked. Hundreds of displaced people took shelter there. Meanwhile, 29 premature babies from Al Shifa were transferred to Egypt for rescue.

Israel has killed more than 13,000 civilians in Gaza so far in brutal attacks. 5 thousand 500 of them are children.

Russian news agency RIA reported that Arab League and OIC foreign ministers will meet in Moscow today to discuss the situation in Gaza. Russia maintains a pro-Palestinian position. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed to take steps to prevent further escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International has called on the International Criminal Court to investigate two Israeli attacks on churches in Gaza as war crimes.

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