ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Double record with century against Dutch! What is Lokesh Rahul saying?

ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Double record with century against Dutch! What is Lokesh Rahul saying?
ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Double record with century against Dutch! What is Lokesh Rahul saying?

News Daily Digital Desk: Lokesh Rahul (KL Rahul) narrowly missed out on a century against Australia in the current World Cup. However, he did not have to miss a century against the Netherlands. India’s star cricketer scored a double century at his home ground.

He scored a hundred in just 62 balls. This is the fastest century by an Indian batsman on the World Cup stage. In the end, he was dismissed for 102 runs off 64 balls. Lokesh Rahul’s innings was studded with 11 fours and 4 sixes. At the same time, he touched the Indian team’s head coach Rahul Dravid by scoring a century against the Dutch. Earlier, ‘The Wall’ scored 145 runs against Sri Lanka as India’s first wicketkeeper in the 1999 World Cup. After 24 years, Lokesh Rahul shared that precedent.

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He was unbeaten on 97 runs in the first match against Australia in this cup war. After that, he started well in several matches but could not take the innings forward. Keeping that in mind, he went down to the crease today. Lokesh Rahul was saying, “There was no opportunity to spend much time at the crease in the last two matches. It feels good to spend a lot of time today. Actually batting at number five requires confidence to be successful there. It should be maintained.”

India lost 3 wickets for 200 runs as Rohit Sharma 61, Shubman Gill 51 and Virat Kohli were dismissed for 51 runs. After that, Lokesh Rahul added 208 runs with Shreyas Iyer for the fourth wicket. Team India conceded 126 for 1 in the last 10 overs to bat in a mood at Markut. Shreyas remained unbeaten on 128 runs off 94 balls. Lokesh Rahul again said about that pair, “If you want to win the match, if you want to score big runs on the scoreboard, you have to bat in the last 10 overs in a good mood. There is no rocket science to it. We are all made that way. I played every match of the World Cup like this. I want to win this time and enter the semi-finals.”

Rishabh Pant has been performing brilliantly with the gloves. However, he still had one regret. Rahul did not forget to tell that too. He joked at the end, “Keeping becomes very difficult after batting for so long in this heat. But for the sake of the party, we have to fight so much. The bowlers rely on me to give the right response to the DRS appeal. But where can I get Cornish from them!”

[আরও পড়ুন: ডাচ বোলিংকে ‘কচুকাটা’ ভারতীয় ব্যাটারদের, একগুচ্ছ নজির টিম ইন্ডিয়ার]

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