J-Hope of BTS was promoted to military service


He has been promoted as Special Elite Corporal.

The Star Online reports

Sunday November 12, 2023 06:19 PM Last Updated: Sunday November 12, 2023 08:47 PM

K-pop member J-Hope. Photo: Collected


K-pop member J-Hope. Photo: Collected

K-pop band BTS member J-Hope is in mandatory military service. Good news for his fans is that he has been promoted as Special Elite Corporal.

Pinkvilla reports that J-Hope is working hard in the military. Because he is serving the country and he is proud to influence the youth. He has received early promotion in military service and is also training other soldiers.

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On November 10th, J-Hope and other troops were regularly updated on X (formerly known as Twitter). A photo of other soldiers training was posted there. According to the post, BTS member J-Hope received an early promotion to special elite corporal. It also said that they respect the rapper as a coach.

They also said that although J-Hope’s face is not visible, the batch of his uniform confirms his location.

J-Hope’s recent activities

Last October 6, J-Hope posted a heartfelt letter to his fans on Weavers. There, he expressed his pride as a member of BTS and being a part of the Korean military service. He begins the letter by writing about how he is working hard day after day.

J-Hope said in his letter that he was proud of his military service. He is getting enough respect where he is.

J-Hope also said that he is working very hard and adjusting to his new life faster than expected. However, since it is his responsibility to lead the youth in the military organization, he feels that it is too big a task for him.

However, J-Hope is as proud as he is satisfied with BTS’s performance. He said that he has been given the rank of corporal elite soldier. He will fulfill this duty with maximum effort.

Finally, he said he is fine and wished the fans well.

J-Hope also posted a photo, quoting John Cena and writing ‘I’m the army’.

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