But did Parimoney give status to Bubli!

But did Parimoney give status to Bubli!
But did Parimoney give status to Bubli!

Actress Parimony Bubli. Photo: Collected

Parimoni, the popular actress of Dhakai cinema, is also very much in the limelight about her personal life. Sometimes this actress is very good at making fans curious with mysterious statuses on social media. Recently, various discussions and criticisms have been created around a Facebook post of Farzana Munni, chairperson of Ganbangla Television. Parimoni suddenly gave a mysterious post to add ghee to that discussion.

The actress gave a mysterious status on her Facebook ID on Saturday (November 11). Parimani writes in the caption, he wants to go away with such a conspiracy!

Meanwhile, Parimani’s fans are thinking that this post is meant for Bubli. They are making various comments. A fan wrote in the comment, ‘Khela hobe’, in response to the comment Parimoni said, ‘This is the last scene of the game’.

Parimani’s status

Before this, the rumor of Bubli-Tapas love started from the night of November 4. The practice started based on a Facebook status of Farzana Munni, chairperson of Gunbangla Television and Tapas’s wife. In that status, Munni writes, Tapas and Bubli are in a relationship. Bubli is ruining my family, just like Apu did Biswas’s life. Shakib got pregnant by blackmailing Khan, now his target is Tapas. Tapas and Bubli will be responsible if anything happens to me. After some time, Munni said that his ID was hacked.

Meanwhile, before the end of the incident, an audio recording of a conversation was again circulated on Friday (November 10) midnight. Munni’s voice can be heard in this – the Facebook account was not hacked that day. After the family settled, Munni was forced to post mentioning ‘Facebook hacked’. With which many debates started again. However, in that 13-minute phone conversation, nothing was heard from Apu. Munni’s word came up again and again. When Apu Biswas was contacted about the matter, he refused to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Shabnam Bubli and Parimoni will be seen together for the first time in a movie titled ‘Khela Hobe’. They will be seen together in the production of Kaushik Hossain Tapas, the leader of Ganbangla and TM Films.

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