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Parineeti’s ‘secret leak’ on her husband’s birthday!

Parineeti’s ‘secret leak’ on her husband’s birthday!
Parineeti’s ‘secret leak’ on her husband’s birthday!

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra and political leader Raghav Chadha tied the knot just a month and a half ago after long friendship and love. Now Parineeti has ‘leaked a secret’ on Raghav’s birthday.

According to a report by NDTV, Parineeti Chopra posted a message on social media to wish her husband on Raghav Chadha’s birthday today. At the beginning of the post, Ms Chadha addressed Raghav as ‘Raghai’ and wrote, “You are the best gift of God in my life.”

Besides, posting several romantic pictures of the two, the new wife of the Chadda family wrote, “Your mind and intelligence amaze me. Your values, integrity and faith have made me a better person. Seeing your sense of responsibility and duty towards the family, I feel blessed every day. You are truly a good person in this chaotic world. Your calmness is my medicine.”

In the same post, Parineeti mentioned that, “Today is officially my favorite day because it’s the day you came into this world. Thank you for choosing me as your partner.”

Parineeti Chopra has already become a complete family after marriage. A few days ago, the actress flew from Mumbai to Delhi and celebrated Korbachauth at her in-laws’ home. After the wedding, the first thing to say! Just like the daughter-in-law, Chadda followed the rules with the rest of the family.

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