Mass march towards EC if scheduled without compromise: Islamic movement


Charmonai Peer also said that to solve the national crisis, the next course of action will be decided in Dhaka on November 20 with the representatives of all political parties, academics, intellectuals, journalists and various professional organizations.

Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim also said that the Islamic movement will support all the peaceful programs of the other opposing parties.
In a written statement, the Amir of the Islamic Movement said that the Dalandh Election Commission is rushing to announce an election schedule, leaving out the opposition parties as per the demands of the ruling party. The election commission has to take the responsibility of the situation that arises when the schedule is announced.

Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim thinks that the recent Laxmipur and Brahmanbaria elections are a big proof that the character of Awami League will not change. He said, the custom of Islam is to warn the concerned party and give time before taking a strong position. They also gave time to the government.

If the current schedule is announced, will you go to the election or not? Charmonai Pir said to the question of the journalists, ‘I announced in the national assembly two years ago, there has been no exception to that position, there will be no exception. We said, if the national elections are announced while the current government is in power, the Islamic Movement will not participate in the elections.

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